Battle of the Hosting Servers – Shared or Dedicated?

For the beginners and with all the types of web hosting options out there, everyone is supposed to get confused. No matter how much of a pro web developer you are, admit it that when it was the first time for you; even you felt as confused as the newbies do today. However, out of all the hosting options, most people get confused between the basic two – shared and dedicated hostings . Shared hosting is the less expensive so most people initially go for that; and eventually feel the drawbacks that the dedicated sharing overcomes. For beginners who can’t afford the learning through experiencing phase, this article might come useful in making a decision.

shared vs dedicated hosting

The basic difference between Shared and Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated website hosting has everything of its own which is not meant to be shared with anyone else. On the other hand, on shared hosting services it’s the hosting company’s decision whether to let one people use their infrastructure or so many sharing the same server and storage space at the same time. Since many people get to share the same resources at the same time on shared hosting services, withdrawing files off the storage servers usually experience a lag. And often times, the bandwidth gets throttled down to accommodate higher amount of traffic especially at peak hours.

None of these problems are ever faced in dedicated web hosting subscription. For the convenience, the subscribers are bound to pay higher amount of money. Since dedicated hosting is not cheap, it is mostly suitable for those websites that can earn money as well. These types of websites are usually more traffic-prone as well, so it’s necessary to have a dedicated hosting subscription.

On the other hand, personal websites, non-commercial photo blogs and other blogs etc. don’t get earn any money most of the times. Their existence is important but not the marketing aspect, so for cost effectiveness a shared hosting would do the job just fine. On the other hand, since they are not supposed to draw massive traffic so you get what you pay for.

Basic Features

Control: With dedicated hosting servers, the subscribers get more control over their website. They can control how much traffic should be driven to the website and also running the scripts smoothly as well. On shared hosting subs, it’s all on the company.

Faster Response at Peak Hours: No matter how high the traffic goes, once you are subscribed to a dedicated server you would receive the speed you signed up for. No compromise, whereas it’s the exact opposite on shared hosting subscription. When the traffic goes up, you start losing the edge.

Setup: Most companies usually provide easier setup options for dedicated hosting services, perks of signing up with a premium service.

Penalty Policy: If bandwidth is misused such as unwanted hotlinking of graphical contents on your website, you could be penalized on shared hosting services while it’s okay on dedicated hosting subscriptions.

Conclusion – Which one is best for you?

This is your decision to make. Depending on what type of website you are host, you should be choosing either one from shared or dedicated. For websites without a projection on monetary profits, we would suggest shared web hosting service. However, if reputation is meant to be kept no matter what the financial projection is, you should be definitely going for a dedicated web hosting subscription.

Hope this helped.

Pros and Cons of VPS Web Hosting

VPS hosting is certainly one of the frequently dealt parts for the professionals. Basically, VPS hosting means you split single server into various parts. Through the process each part operates at its way. You can understand VPS hosting as a junction of shared and dedicated server. Though the server is shared there is much compact delineation among its integral parts than through a shared server.

vps hosting



The VPS hosting makes the site efficient. It brings the enhanced processor and RAM. Increasing power comes in handy if you have nicely completed the task of making a site. Larges the site, or more the dimensions involved with each page, the more crucial it is to apply VPS hosting, or providing extra effort.

Less worry:

The best part about the hosting type is that the user doesn’t really need to think about the server like any other hosting. In case of VPS hosting, the hosting house takes care of the machinery, or hardware part of the server, fundamental tools, and applications those let you to be intuitive with it. However, it is important to choose a reputed host on this context as the whole duty lies with it only.


VPS hosting is one of the most flexible options in comparison. The best part is that it is quite apparent in terms of procedures that you can put into the server. It offers you with the full control. The user is having the authorization here for controlling own mail, FTP accounts in VPS servers that you can never have with shared hosting.



Price has been one of the crucial issues always. However, in case of VPS you have to pay more as it offers increased flexibility and features. Through VPS hosting it becomes tougher for you to estimate the amount of space one needs. In addition, for more space you have to pay more. On this context, the owner has to be accurate enough. Even in future, if your site needs more space you have to spend more for it.

Be careful:

However the biggest problem with VPS is that you are more frequent to get cheated in this case. There are many hosts those can’t handle the VPS hosting jobs properly. Sometimes they make even false promise, and one has to suffer later in future. The owner should be having thorough knowledge on the process those go over the server; else it could hamper the system.

Apart from this, you have to keep it in mind that as it is not a dedicated server, there is every chance of coming across with spontaneous damage as a result of improper server management. As there are many other sites involved with the hosting, the deprived activities by these may also put you in the issues as of above.

  • Conclusion:

After going through the above detail one thing is sure that you must be having a balancing art to handle this. Especially, it has many advantages over shared hosting types. Mostly it is preferd on those occasions when the user is not ready for the expense involved with a dedicated server. On a whole, it is like a smart attempt targeting the shared hosting options, but make sure you are skilled enough to deal with the issues related as mentioned.